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Marx And The Marxists: The Ambiguous Legacy

Marx and the Marxists: The Ambiguous Legacy

Karl Marx is one of the most important and influential thinkers in history. His ideas have had a profound impact on the world, inspiring both revolutions and counter-revolutions. He is best known for his analysis of capitalism...

Reed Mitchell profile pictureReed Mitchell4 min read
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Speak Up And Get Along : Learn The Mighty Might Thought Chop And More Tools To Make Friends Stop Teasing And Feel Good About Yourself
Chase Morris profile pictureChase Morris

Master the Might Thought Chop and Unleash a World of...

In a world where social interactions...

5 min read
Teaching The Italian Renaissance Romance Epic (Options For Teaching 44)
Carlos Drummond profile pictureCarlos Drummond
5 min read
Fort Vengeance And Shadow Valley: Two Full Length Western Novels
Virginia Woolf profile pictureVirginia Woolf

Two Full-Length Western Novels: A Literary Adventure...

Chapter 1: The Lawless Frontier Step...

5 min read
Endgame: The Fugitive Archives Volume 1: Project Berlin
Asher Bell profile pictureAsher Bell

Endgame: The Fugitive Archives Volume, Project Berlin -...

Prologue: A Shadowy Legacy of Treachery...

4 min read

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