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His Nerdy Assistant (The Billionaire Boys Club 3)

His Nerdy Assistant: The Billionaire Boys Club

In the glittering metropolis, where skyscrapers pierce the heavens and fortunes are amassed, there exists a clandestine society—The Billionaire Boys Club. An exclusive circle of young, affluent men, they command the city's most...

Griffin Mitchell profile pictureGriffin Mitchell5 min read
Double Down (Taken 4) K L Ramsey

Double Down Taken Ramsey: The Notorious Outlaw

Double Down Taken Ramsey was one of the most notorious criminals in the Wild West. He was known for his quick wit, his daring robberies, and his ability to escape capture. Ramsey was born in Tennessee in 1859. He...

J.D. Salinger profile pictureJ.D. Salinger4 min read
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Fundamentals Of Sight Singing And Ear Training
Nathan Reed profile pictureNathan Reed

Fundamentals of Sight Singing and Ear Training: A...

Sight singing and ear training are essential...

5 min read
Margot And The Moon Landing
Desmond Foster profile pictureDesmond Foster

Margot, the Mastermind: Hidden Figure Behind the Moon...

Few know the name Margot Lee Shetterly,...

4 min read
The Day Our Teacher Went Batty (Puffin Poetry)
Terry Bell profile pictureTerry Bell

The Day Our Teacher Went Batty

Our teacher was a...

3 min read
The Sign In Sidney Brustein S Window
Jamie Bell profile pictureJamie Bell
5 min read
The Challenge Of Legislation: Bipartisanship In A Partisan World
Stephen King profile pictureStephen King

The Challenges of Legislation: A Comprehensive Analysis

Legislation, the process of making laws, is a...

5 min read

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