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Recommended from Deedee Book
Neighbors Sandra Neil Wallace
Virginia Woolf profile pictureVirginia Woolf
4 min read
Not Our Kind: A Novel
Noah Blair profile pictureNoah Blair

A Haunting and Harrowing Tale: Delving into the Depths of...

An Exploration into the Darkness that Dwells...

4 min read
The Right To Speak: Working With The Voice (Performance Books)
Thomas Powell profile pictureThomas Powell
5 min read
The Labor Of Care: Filipina Migrants And Transnational Families In The Digital Age (Asian American Experience)
Jorge Amado profile pictureJorge Amado

The Labor of Care: Unseen, Undervalued, and Essential

The labor of care is the work of...

6 min read
Beginner S Guide To Brazil: A Testimonial Guide On The Brazilian Mind And Ways
Clayton Hayes profile pictureClayton Hayes
6 min read
Snack Cabinet Sabotage (The Hunger Heroes 2)
Carlos Drummond profile pictureCarlos Drummond
6 min read

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